About Us

This page is a little about us, Mile High Alpacas, however, our intention is for it to be more about you and for you.

Mile High Alpacas was established in 1993 with a start-up herd of 5 alpacas: 4 females and one future herd sire. Our team is the same then as it is now consisting of our four family members: Frank, Sharon, daughters Carly and Jackie. We had no farm at the time and needed to board our initial purchase with our seller in northern Colorado.

In 1995 we purchased a home with 5 acres including a large horse barn in Parker, Colorado. Since our 2 girls were then in elementary school we felt it was necessary to live “close in” for convenience, thus overlooking farms with much larger acreage.

In 1997 Sharon resigned from her full time Commercial Insurance Broker job to become a full time Alpaca Farmer, as classified by our CPA and the IRS. This was the turning point of our business; phase II as we refer to it resulting in active sales and stud services. Our herd by then grew to approximately 30 alpacas and Sharon’s income has more than tripled.

We have over 15 years of experience and knowledge to share with you. We have been recipients of numerous awards, ribbons and name recognition throughout the country; however, we have also been victims to some heart-breaking times; the loss of a cria, a pregnant dam, and a future herd sire. It took us 8 years to figure out what hay is best to feed, what supplements seem to be the most effective and what equipment to purchase for a small farm.
All our knowledge, experiences and recommendations are free to you, our customer. We believe if you are successful and happy with the alpaca business, we will continue to be also.

Advice? Yes, we have some. If we could do it all over again we certainly would but with one major change: we would want the advantage to know then what we know now (preventing some costly mistakes). Experience and education are invaluable. Your best teacher is another reputable and established breeder who has paid the price, taken a few hits and still, more than ever, loves the alpaca industry.

If you are new, we know you’ll have a passion for alpacas too. If you’re an existing breeder we understand your addiction!

Call us anytime. We would love to talk “alpacas” with you.

Sharon Loner