Sharon and Frank Loner, owners of Mile High Alpacas, have witnessed first hand the extraordinary changes in the alpaca industry. When we started in 1993, finding alpacas for sale was a challenge in itself. Most farms (few and far between) were in early start up stages and every cria born and unborn was difficult to acquire. We managed to start with a small herd of 3 females and one junior herd sire. Our herd made a leap in improvement when we had the chance to attend and participate in a lottery bid at one of the first importations of Peruvian alpacas in 1994 in Charlevoix, Michigan. At the sale, our lottery number allowed us the rare opportunity to split a 6 pack of full Peruvian females with another local breeder and soon after we purchased a full Peruvian herd sire by the name of Peruvian Oro. After 21 years in this business we have scaled down to a smaller herd in order to semi retire and enjoyed raising these incredible beautiful animals to the fullest while establishing relationships and friendships with the greatest people in the world.
Discover How We Can Make a Difference in Your Herd

What a Stud!
Mile High Alpacas have built their successful program using our own herdsires such as: Mile High Bandimere, Mile High The Reverend Mr. Black, El Nino’s Golden Legend, Mile High Peerless Bay, Mile High Prince Valiant, and 2011 Judges Choice – Mile High Toulouse Lautrec.

And The Award Goes To…
Mile High Alpacas understands that a high quality breeding program guarantees success in the alpaca industry. Many of our awards apply to our sale alpacas and herd sires, so each year we highlight our accomplishments…to give you, our customer, the extra edge you need to advance your alpaca program and business plan. We’re thrilled to announce that 2011 and 2012 have been blue ribbon years for us. We came home from GWAS 2012 winning Get of Sire, Produce of Dam, Breeders Best Three, Bred & Owned Female. Along with multiple Championships and 1st Place Halter Ribbons.  Check out our successes with our alpacas for sale … and be sure to look for us at the ABR Fall Festival in November and The Great Western Alpaca Show in May.

Left to right: Kusi, Daredevil, and Keepsake

Here Comes the Judge!
Hand that lady a gavel and black robe because our very own Sharon Loner is certified as an Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association halter class judge for both Suri and Huacaya alpacas and an INTERNATIONAL HALTER AND FLEECE judge as well! This is a tremendous honor that requires intimate knowledge and under-standing of the animals. Along with the intense training required to become a judge, Sharon also enhanced her study for 30 days in Peru.


Award-Winning Fiber From Award-Winning Animals
Soft as cashmere and warmer, lighter, and stronger than wool, alpaca fleece is one of the world’s finest natural fibers. Once reserved for Incan royalty, it comes in approximately 22 basic colors with many variations and blends. At Mile High Alpacas, we offer blue ribbon alpaca raw fleece.

Making the Difference in Your Herd
Since 1993, Mile High Alpacas has offered an award-winning tradition for owners and breeders seeking show quality alpacas. Contact us today to arrange for a visit. We are conveniently located just 30 minutes south of Denver, Colorado off I-25.

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